Britney Spears’ Fiance Granted Co-Conservatorship

britney spears

Jason Trawick has taken on yet another star role in Britney Spears’ life as a judge recently granted the former agent and current fiancé co-conservatorship of Spears’ monetary assets.

Trawick will join Spears’ father and his lawyer, Geraldine Wyle, in the  co-conservatorship.  Wyle is reportedly “thrilled” with the decision to have Trawick in the mix to keep Spears out of any potential, though unexpected trouble she may encounter in the coming months.  And while Spears probably hasn’t had to scour the net for the best 0 interest credit card like many the rest of us, the new arrangement should afford her a greater amount of financial freedom than she’s been used to as of late. 

It also certainly doesn’t hurt that the pop singer is reportedly signing a $15 million contract to appear as a judge on Simon Cowell’s The X Factor sometime in the upcoming second season, where Trawick will also play a role in Spears’ support group as one of the show’s co-producers. 

He will apparently be on set every day that Britney is working to offer support and make sure all runs smoothly.As it stands now, it would certainly appear that all is running smoothly for the couple as Britney’s wishes (not her father’s as was erroneously reported in the past) were granted to have Trawick as a co-conservator. 

And as explained by a source speaking with, the conservatorship is really just a title, and that Britney “enjoys plenty of personal freedom,” in actuality. 

I don’t know about you, but I for one will definitely get a better night’s sleep now that Spears can finally stop al the credit card comparison and cash-hunting tactics that she’s surely had to undertake with her monetary assets so far from her personal grasp.  Now instead, she can spend her time getting back to being famously  beautiful and artistically talented, without so much financial difficulty and dysfunction.

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