Burberry Nails it Once Again!

Burberry, a brand synonymous with British style and quality, have launched their new nail lacquers to complement both their Trench Kisses make-up collection and Prorsum Trench coats. There are many stunning shades to choose from, arranged in three groupings: Red, Beige and Intense.


The reds are reminiscent of this winter’s military and country life fashion themes: military red, poppy red, lacquer red, and oxblood.

Nude shades are beige, pink, rose and ash rose, stone, mink, dark trench and light gold. Intense tones are steel grey, graphite, metallic khaki, storm grey, khaki and poppy black. All of these have a timeless elegance that will outshine the wackier colors on the market, giving you a sophisticated and subtle look. They will perfectly complement your winter wardrobe in 2014.

To keep your nails looking pristine you would also need to purchase their protective base and top coat. As well as looking fabulous, the new polishes include vitamin B5 to strengthen and moisturize your nails, along with extract of myrrh – adding a seasonal note!


The benefits don’t stop there. Burberry reckon two coats of the lacquer should dry in two minutes, and harden within six and a half. The polish is easily applied with a specially designed precision brush, and the high gloss finish is long-lasting. If you wear Burberry winter 2014 nail polish this season you are sure to draw attention to your hands, so you may also want to treat yourself to a pot of luxurious Burberry Body cream, rich with seed oils and shea butter.

It should not be difficult to purchase the Burberry polishes as they have over five hundred stores in fifty countries, but if you are happy to buy them online their website has the whole range to offer. This is a brand you can trust, and for such luxurious nail lacquers the price is very reasonable as they retail at around $21.

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