Burt Reynolds gets hospitalized with flu

Burt Reynolds, a pleasant star of US cinema with a career that started in the 1960s and became a pop culture icon as a male sex symbol in the 1980s has been reported ill.The actor who comes from Waycross, Georgia is being treated for flu, according to TMZ reports Burt Reynolds hospitalized.In the statement released to the press Reynolds caught a harsh flu and is suffering from the symptoms for several days.

The symptoms worsened and because of that the doctors had to bring him to the ICU because he was already severely dehydrated.

burt reynolds flu

He is expected to make a full recovery; he now appears to be doing well according to his rep Erik Kritzer during his interview in CNN.

According to Kritzer the veteran actor is getting more fluids and will go back in a regular room.

The 76 year old actor, who recently contributed his voice, for playing himself in the animated FX series Archer is now doing better, they are taking care of him and his mustache jokes his PR team.

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