Fringe Ends Its Journey After 5 Amazing Seasons

Fringe was something that had a bit of everything and J.J Abrams surely did his homework and made a lot of people happy by giving their weekly dose.

You must have had enjoyed the 12th episode called “Liberty” where Olivia Dunham was injected with cortexiphan again 4 times so she can crossover and meeting some of her old friends and to complete the mission.

2013 fringe final

Every episode was more than the other and the 13th episode “An Enemy Of Fate” which is also the final part was mind-boggling in a good way!

The expected fight between The Observers and our favorite characters is happening and the good shall prevail!

It all ends when Walter Bishop makes the supreme sacrifice so that The Observers can stop existing.

Well,how was it?

Any thoughts?

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