Calvin Johnson lands record contract

calvin johnson contract

In one of the biggest contracts every signed in the NFL, Calvin Johnson has made a deal worth $132 million over the span of eight years. Of that, $60 million is guaranteed and Johnson will be staying with the Detroit Lions until the year 2019.
Johnson, an All-Pro wide receiver, can now hold claim to being guaranteed the most money of any player in the NFL’s history. At 26 years of age, Johnson enjoyed a spectacular season in 2011 with the Lions. During the year he had a total of 96 catches for a whopping 1861 yards in total. With 16 touchdowns during the regular season, it is no wonder why everyone says that “All-Pro Johnson” is the reason the Detroit Lions made it back to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

The only wide receivers with season statistics better than his are Jerry Rice and Randy Moss, both of whom have since become legends as NFL wide receivers.

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