Calvin Klein’s New Fragrance Downtown 2013

Calvin Klein has come up with a brand new fragrance for women all over the world, it is called ‘Downtown’. It was designed with the direct purpose to target young, women who prefer sweet fragrances. Women will love this scent that has a fragrance both floral and woody. It is not over powering and subtle enough to make a difference.


The actual fragrance combines top notes of woody fragrances and fruits to make that perfect blend. The base notes combine scents of incense, musks and vetiver. All over it is a fantastic scent and has taken time to develop and find the perfect formula. Once again, Calvin Klein has come up with a winner. It is a very exciting time for Calvin Klein releasing this new fragrance.

Calvin Klein has put together an amazingly aspirational fragrance. All over the world, consumers can see downtown as that destination they want to reach. It is identified by youth, edge and coolness. Calvin Klein has always led the way, he has never been one to follow. He was the very first brand with his name on underwear and then he led the way with a master-brand compared to a single fragrance. Looking at Calvin Klein’s fragrances they all share a common trait, they are personal and authentic.

The fragrance combines all that can be said about Calvin Klein as a brand. Downtown is a leader and will be worn by successful businesswomen. Businesswomen of the future will rush to buy this new scent. Furthermore, men that want to impress their women will treat them to a bottle of Downtown by Calvin Klein. Downtown will be available in stores from summer 2013, but will not reach the USA till September. Actress Rooney Mara has been chosen as the face of the new campaign, that will feature television clips by director, David Fincher and a photo campaign by none other than, Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

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