Canadian Actress Elisha Cuthbert Graces The April 2015 Cover From Fashion Magazine

Elisha Cuthbert is perceived as too much of a patriot and she doesn’t care about it. The 32 years old actress hails from Calgary and has always had a hellacious loyal “team Canada” attitude throughout her over a decade rollicking with fame. Cuthbert always encourages her creative mates to ensure they get the best out their careers.


Whether Elisha Cuthbert is posting tweets of her love of Sara and Tegan, cheering her husband the Toronto maple leaf captain- Dion Phaneuf or having fun with supporting Canadian fashion designers; the likes of Mathew Gallagher who accompanied her to the CAFA awards, Elisha Cuthbert passionately adores her home and native land. This is the reason why the much buzzed about star graced the cover photo for FASHION Magazines April 2015.she was exclusively photographed by Chris Nicholas and styled by George Antonopoulos. On the cover photo She wears a jacket designed by Stella McCartney worth $ 2,160, an alexander Wang top worth $245, $1095 pants by Lanvin, a $520 cuff by Céline, a $10 Ear cuff by H&M, $195 necklace by dean Davidson, hair by Justin German for, make up by Simone Otis for, nails were dressed by Leanne Colley for nail bar.

The photo-shoot comprised all Canadian crew. This really made Cuthbert to feel appreciated. On her cover story she explains the difference between people in Hollywood and hockey world. She describes people the world of hockey as humble, kind and real as compared to Hollywood people. She also talks about her role on Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. She describes the couple as a role model to all married couples. This is because they are supportive of one another no matter the situation. For example when Ellen was hustling and bustling up and down doing her talk show and she couldn’t be with Portia, but Portia easily stepped in.

Also in her interview she shares what it feel like to play a lesbian role on the upcoming comedy ‘ONE BIG HAPPY’

Photo credit : Fashion/Chris Nicholls

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