Candice Swanepoel The Perfect Choice For Blumarine Fall 2013

Candice Swanepoel for Blumarine Fall 2013 has a completely new look that may surprise some people. She dyed her hair temporarily black and cut it short, to show off the label’s fantastic ensembles. The look compliments the new range perfectly.

Candice Swanepoel Blumarine

The strong allure is an amazing contrast to the brand’s romantic fall 2013 collection. Candice is the perfect person for this new look and embodies the Blumarine woman. It would be difficult to cast anyone more perfect than Candice Swanepoel for this brand. One look at the latest Blumarine fall/winter 2013 collection makes one realize how much strength and passion is behind this line. The designers have worked hard to produce clothing that flatters every woman.

The brand is Italian and it never fails to astound fans with perfectly chosen feminine pieces that have abundant sophistication. A great example, is the stunning, body skimming lace scarlet dress that perfectly shapes the VS Angel’s amazing figure. Though the runways were filled with male influenced designs, the new Blumarine fall collection, shot by Camilla Akrans, brings a counter proposition that is tempting: indulgent in fine floral pieces and allowing the feminine side to shine brightly. Modern seducing styles introduce a complete new spin on the concept of flamboyant feminine looks.


Although the label did not prepare a couture fashion for the upcoming season, it did have its roots in couture, more specifically, “comfortable couture”. These designs are gentle, soft and reassuring. The Blumarine collection has a lot more to offer than just inspirational pieces with a simple distinguishable splendid allure. Apart from the fact that it is blatantly obvious that Candice Swanepoel looks stunning no matter what she is wearing, the new line displays how classy, seductive beauty decisions, such as the amazing red lipstick worn by the supermodel can soon become the most amazing accessory in less than a few seconds.


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