Cardi B Proves Why She’s the Boss After Retaliating Against Rabid Fan as Attacks Against Singers Rise Exponentially

Belcalis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B, is a pretty popular name in the music industry. She has managed to top the charts every time with her songs ever since she had her breakthrough in 2017. She is a well-recognised artist with many awards to her name and is someone who has managed to have everybody’s attention on herself at every Met Gala meet.

Cardi B
Cardi B, One Of The Most Recognised Names In The Industry

However, a clip from one of her recent shows has been going viral where she had somewhat of a reaction after a fan threw her drink on her.

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Cardi B Goes Viral After Fan Throws Her Drink On The Stage

During her show in Las Vegas, Cardi B was performing her hit Bodak Yellow when suddenly one of the concert-goers in the front row threw her entire big cup of drink on the singer.

This event led to Cardi B spontaneously throwing her mic towards the fan as a reaction to getting the fan’s drink thrown over her.

Cardi B Throws Mic
Cardi B Throwing Her Mic Towards The Fan Who Threw Their Drink

The security at the venue took immediate action and escorted the audience member from the crowd who threw their drink. They can expect possible charges as well as a ban from future events.

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Latest Trend To Throw Objects At Celebrities

Cardi B is not the only one who suffered from someone crazy in her audience, in-fact this year we have seen a trend rise where the front row audience in any concert has made it their habit to throw objects like their phone, drink or even their clothes on the stage or at the performer at the event.

This was faced recently by Bebe Rexha during her performance in Manhattan nearly a month ago, where a man threw his phone towards Rexha as he thought it would be “Funny” and hoped the singer would do nothing but just take a few photos from his phone. However, the phone, unfortunately, ended up hitting the singer’s face, causing her injuries which made her get stitches. The man who threw the phone is now facing charges.

Cardi B Throws Mic
Baby Rexha Sharing An Image Of Her Injuries After The Concert

Famous singer Harry Styles, too, was subjected to the same abuse earlier this month when during his show in Vienna, an object was thrown towards him which ended up hitting him in the eye and causing him to walk off the stage immediately.

It’s a trend that is going way too fast, but is not acceptable at all and should not be normalised. Fans who end up throwing objects on the stage most often cause the whole show to be disturbed, causing problems for thousands of others who have come to see the show, as well as affects the security of the performer themselves.

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Source: NBC

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