Career Choices For The Creative Minds Among You

If you have the type of mind that is constantly seeking to design, innovate and change things then you need to be looking in to a career that matches your creative thought process. Often these jobs are dismissed as ‘easy’ jobs as people think that a job that requires more thought than action is somehow less important or less challenging, don’t listen to the naysayers, if you are blessed with being creative then that is the type of career that you should be going after. Here are some career paths that you might consider if design and innovation is what makes you tick.




Engineers are the ultimate creators, they are the ones who shape almost all aspects of the World we live in, from chemistry to computing, construction to aerospace, without engineers civilization would never move forward. If you have a creative mind and you have good ability in science and math then a career in engineering could be the right step for you. If you work hard you can follow in the footsteps of inspirational engineers such as Anura Leslie Perera, a man who is an expert in many fields of engineering such as aerospace, shipbuilding and construction who has gone on to forge a career as an incredibly successful businessman. It is inspirational leaders like Anura that you should be looking to emulate if you take up a career in engineering.


For many years writing was a very hard industry to get into, thousands of would-be authors over the years were forced to take on other professions due to the high level of competition in the industry, thankfully for those with good penmanship, those days have gone. Whilst it isn’t easy to be a professional writer, the birth of the internet has created a wealth of opportunity for those wishing to write as a career. With so many websites there are thousands of employers looking for content writers, freelance journalists, editors and everything in between. A qualification in English literature and language can help you to gain a job in a professional company or newspaper but online writing can also give you a successful career.


If you have artistic eye and unique ideas then designing could be the area that you need to be working in. There are several different areas of design where you can exercise your creativity and display your ideas, you could move into fashion design, graphic design, floral design or even interior design depending on your particular area of interest. These jobs are very niche and in order to forge a career in design you will need to be original and inventive with your creations, it is important that you make a name for yourself as early as you can with your designs. Such is the current climate, you have several options to start your own business online selling your designs whilst searching for a job or even in lieu of working for a professional company, remember that in order to stand out, you must be original.

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