Carrie Underwood backs up Gay marriage

If you thought being famous was all about acting sleezy and throwing caution to the wind, then take a long look at Carrie Underwood’s life and think again. She’s had it all but still manages to live her life on the low and maintain a Christian life. However, last summer, Carrie admitted to being in favor of gay marriage which obviously caused some raised eyebrows.

carrie underwood allure magazine

Still, during her interview with Allure magazine, Carrie explained herself by saying that she believes everyone should marry whoever they love. She also added that if someone doesn’t like you, they will always find a reason not to like you so no one should ever judge other people.

With her wedding just around the corner, Carrie could not help but think about the thousands of people who can not spend a lifetime with people they love just because the law prohibits them. Such a sweet and thoughtful lady, isn’t she?

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