Cate Blanchett Shines In New Armani Ad

Cate Blanchett has made a comeback in Armani’s new fragrance ad. She is more vibrant, refined and brings out femininity in a way better than it has been done before. She is 46 years old and yet she pulls out a great performance for every lady to want to get her hands on this fragrance. It seems getting old is never going to bring down her beauty and appeal any time soon.


Cate’s potent in the ad

Cate Blanchett in new Armani Ad starts with a wide grin with her tousled blonde locks pulled back. One cannot miss to notice her sapphire eyes and her glowing forehead as she pronounces the words ‘Si to myself’ which sound like a whisper. She is never lost her charm. The ad runs for only 10 seconds and yet she nails it with an alluring aura. The fragrance will be making a huge impression on ladies and all because Cate did a great work.

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