Catherine Zeta-Jones Enters Health Care Facility For Treatment

Famous actress Catherine Zeta Jones enters treatment center in accordance to her announcement in 2011 of suffering with bipolar II disorder.
Her diagnosis came out to the world after her husband,Michael Douglas spoke about it to Oprah Winfrey and sooner she made it a statement through her publicist. The actress, at 43, said that she would be dedicating to this thirty day program starting from Monday morning when she entered the health care facility.


She pursued only five days of treatment in the mental health care and insisted on continuing medication at home. Recently this maniac depressive illness seemed to be troubling her out of limit when she decided to sought a month’s treatment program. She did not want to be the poster child yelling for sympathies about her condition.

An esteemed daily report says that Catherine said that she is happy with the response and support from her fans and friends and hopes to recover quickly from this treatment.

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