Celeb Jihad Takes on Kate Upton

Joke website, Celeb Jihad, is in the news again after Kate Upton threatens lawsuit over topless photo, which turns out to be a fake. The 21-year-old Sports Illustrated model was shown allegedly on her 2014 swimsuit shoot, and the photos were described as ‘outtakes.’ The caption read: ”Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked.’

Lawyers said the pictures were obviously doctored and airbrushed, and threatened legal action if the photos were not immediately removed. They said they were acting on behalf of the magazine, Sports Illustrated, and not Kate personally, adding that after asking the website to take down the photos they would ‘move forward accordingly.’ The model herself has not referred publicly to the incident.

Celeb Jihad jokingly claims to be a “holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website.” In an attempt to wrest further humour from the situation, they stated that ‘As pious Muslims we must only obey Shariah law, and thus can only be taken to trial in a Shariah court.’ They compounded the insult to the celebrity model by adding, “Kate Upton is a woman, and thus livestock. She has no legal rights under Shariah law.’

Celeb Jihad did remove the Kate Upton images, after branding them “boring” and “horrible.” However they replaced them with another doctored photo of the model rising from a pool in a white T-shirt, clearly outlining her breasts. They stated: ‘Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton Gif above instead.’ They also stated they would publish more ‘outtakes of Kate naked.’

When it comes to photo-shopping celebs, CJ has form. A previous incident, in 2011, had Taylor Swift threatening to sue the CJ website when they published a photo of an alleged ‘private pic’ of the star which she claimed was a case of mistaken identity -most likely deliberate. She immediately sent a lawyer’s letter threatening to sue if the image was not removed. It remains to be seen how Celeb Jihad will handle the flack from this latest inflammatory situation with Kate Upton.

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