Celebrities and Luxury Designer Wear

Celebrities are into luxury clothing. They drive these designer brands as marketers and also because they enjoy the finer things in life. Celebrities benefit from endorsement contracts from designer houses to get the best clothing for free. Other celebrities with luxury clothes invest in them so as to stay chic and ahead of the pack especially during awards seasons.

Beneficiaries of designer endorsement contracts include Madonna who is almost always fronting for one designer or another. In 2005 she was clothed by Versace for two years and awarded a US $ 10.5 million contract. Lady Gaga also solely dressed in Versace Couture for two months in 2011 after releasing her “Edge of Glory” music video.


Jennifer Lopez may have described herself as “Jenny from the block” in her hit single but she knows how to adorn herself in expensive clothing. She owns her own clothing line but frequently indulges in luxurious outfits such as a cashmere top from Michael Kors and dresses from Bottega Veneta. These cost roughly US $ 5000 per piece!

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