Celebrities and Their Addiction to Diamonds

Diamond rings are the most popular wedding, engagement and ornamental bands. A survey by the Wedding Ring Report showed that an astonishing US $ 9.64 billion was spent on wedding rings. 95 percent of these were diamond and almost half of them customized jewels. Of this numbers, it is normal to expect that the majority was spent by the well-known and the well-to-do from Beverly Hills.

kim kardashian diamonds

 Kim Kardashian leads the list of celebrities with luxury diamonds. She almost always tops every list! She got a 20.5 carat rock worth US $ 2 million from Kris Humphries. The ring was designed with three white diamonds surrounded by a platinum band. Too bad the marriage lasted only 72 days!

 Michael Douglas also used a Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes an oval-shaped diamond ring worth close to US $ 1.5 million. Away from engagement rings, some superstars love diamonds in their shoes. Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis player wore diamond-encrusted shoes at the Wimbledon Open in 2007. And Jennifer Lopez went for some love for her bum by getting a diamond-encrusted toilet seat!

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