3 celebrities investing in bitcoin and what you can do with it

Bitcoin has certainly been a hot topic for already a few years. While there are governments trying to decide whether it is a currency or a commodity, one thing remains certain, bitcoin is here to stay. This cryptocurrency has appeared less than ten years ago, however, already now its market capitalisation accounts for already more than 11 trillions. Even though Bitcoin (BTC) gets quite some attention from the general public, there are quite a few celebrities investing in it and today we are going to take a look at the most famous ones.

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is not only famous due to his appearance in countless movies and shows, but he is also an important investor. Having invested in such startups as Spotify, Uber and Airbnb, Ashton is also looking into Bitcoin space.

His most well-known investment was placed at BitPay, a company that lets merchants accept payments in bitcoins and instantly convert those fully or partially into a certain fiat currency. Even though bitcoin, in its essence, was designed as a payment system, it is now mostly used for various illegal transactions, placing bets on various online bitcoin casino gaming sites or just speculative trading. Ashton Kutcher’s investment – BitPay, is here to allow bitcoin to widespread into a larger consumer market.

Mel B

If you are in your mid 20’s or older, you certainly remember a british girls band called Spice Girls. One of its members, Mel B, became the first well-known musician to sell her music for bitcoins. Even though such activity does not really make a major influence on the whole industry, it certainly shows a good sign.

Even though Mel B does not, most probably, gamble with bitcoin and just exchanges it to a more widespread currency as she receives it, it is still a positive sign.


Similar to Ashton, Nas invests into the companies that have something to do with bitcoin. His most recent investment into the bitcoin industry was placed into Coinbase, a US-based accelerator of various bitcoin start-ups.

Bitcoin’s potential to grow is mostly determined by the rate at which it spreads. Even though it is easily possible to establish new cryptocurrencies, they are very unlikely to be adopted so majorly as bitcoin. This is the main purpose of Coinbase, to make sure that there is a bitcoin alternatively for nearly any service or a product that a person might be using.

The bottom line

Hate it or love it but bitcoin is here to stay and, already now, it is possible to get all types of products and services with it. Starting from buying an espresso and going as far as paying for your Bachelor’s degree in the university of Nicosia. Every day bitcoin allows people to pay for more and, the whole process is fully transparent, secure and anonymous.

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