Celebrities with gambling issues

Becoming a celebrity is not only about fame. Next to photo shoots and VIP parties there is also quite a lot of money flowing into one’s pocket. While some of the celebrities are investing the funds, donating the money to charities or simply spending the funds on some cool stuff, there are ones that don’t really know what to do with all of the money and, hence, end up having gambling issues. Today we are going to take a look at the largest gamblers.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie has been gambling quite a lot, yet his habit only got revealed at 2006. The fact became known during his divorce, where his gambling expenses amounted to an average of $200,000 weekly.

This is, roughly, 11 million dollars per annum. Unlike most of the gamblers that play poker, blackjack or simply play any game online, Mr Sheen has spent most of his “gambling budget” to bet on various sports.

As a fun fact, it is known that Charlie Sheen was placing a bet on sports when driving a car to the hospital, while his wife was giving a birth to his daughter. Gambling was, of course, not the only Charlie Sheen’s addiction, he is also known as a cocaine user. However, we are not sure about the later, yet Sheen has been declaring that he no longer gambles.

Tiger Woods

Unlike Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods was actually visiting real casinos. A golf professional became a regular player at the Mansion, a club for high stack players by MGM Casinos in Las Vegas. Tiger has been known for having a daily limit on his gambling set to 1 million USD per night. Typically Tiger would play blackjack with a minimum bet of $25,000 per hand. Tiger Woods is believed to start gambling due to his friendship with two other celebrities – Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

Allen Iverson

While it is not really known what kind of games Iverson has been playing, the results of his gambling and drinking addictions are very obvious. During his career, Iverson’s earnings amounted to around $200 million, next to this he had a lifetime contract with Reebok that was considered to be valued at $50 million. However, due to gambling and drinking problems, Iverson is believed to lose it all. There is more to this, his wife has divorced him and has taken the custody of their children. At the moment Iverson is not only out of money, but is actually in debt.

Ben Affleck

While Ben Affleck hasn’t had that much trouble with gambling as Allen Iverson, he still had to go to rehab to get his issues sorted. He is the only person from the list that was actually playing poker, a game that is considered to be a “sport”, even though it involves quite some gambling elements. Ben Affleck is known for losing a great poker hand, where his losses amounted to $400,000.

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