Celebrity A-list Hot Wheels

Celebrities swimming in cash can buy anything as a status symbol. But the most common statement of wealth is the automobile. If you want to be on the A-list, then you must be prepared to have the hottest set of wheels.

Hollywood celebrities with luxury cars cannot afford to be surpassed with time. They either have the latest or the rarest machines at their disposal.

jay luxury cars

Rapper, Jay-Z has a US $ 8 million Maybach Exelero. But even he doesn’t have the sort of auto collection that Birdman has. The grill-toothed Cash Money Brother founder has two Maybachs! An Exelero and a Landaulet.

These two speed monsters are in addition to his Bugatti Veyron that is ubiquitous in all CMB/Young Money music videos.



“Gone In 60 Seconds” actor Nicholas Cage lives up to his movie character. He had a Ferrari Enzo that he recently sold. Kim Kardashian and her customized Bentley ranks in the relatively modest category of celebrities with

luxury cars. Lindsay Lohan cruises around in a Porsche Carrera. However, most surprising is Matt Damon who owns an electric Tesla Roadster in line with his environmental campaigns.

tesla model s

Photo source : SpeedCarz

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