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We live in the age of celebrity. Over the past 50 years, the number of celebrities has exploded. It used to be that celebrities were almost exclusively actors, musicians, and artists of varying sorts. Nowadays, however, we have career celebrities: people who are famous for being famous. Take, for example, the Kardashians, or Paris Hilton. These celebrities have rather a large hold over our lives, without us even realising it. They quietly influence popular culture, for one thing – how many of us wore leopard-print after being inspired by Kate Moss? With all that said, one place where nobody minds celebrities setting trends is in their choice of beachwear.


Whilst many of today’s celebrities favour the bikini style of swimwear, supermodel Natasha Poly, along with Kylie Jenner, have recently been snapped wearing bold, red, one-piece swimsuits. If you too think that less is more, then you can find something similar at ASOS. You would be in good company, as Emily Ratajkowski has also been pictured wearing a black one-piece swimming costume, which naturally flatters her curves. If you want to give a ‘Coco Chanel on holiday’ look like Emily, then Showpo.com has you covered.

If you’d like to show a bit more skin, but still remain stylish, then you could take a few fashion tips from Ellie Goulding. Her monochromatic bikini reminds us that we don’t need bold, bright colours to make a strong impression – black and white is sometimes all we need to turn heads and make an impression; it’s both understated, yet striking, just don’t ever go for a full white bikini. However, if you’re fair-skinned, and would rather cover up, then it’s well worth your time checking out Ruby Rd jackets and skirts for a wide range of stylish, black and white clothing, perfect for the warm, summer evenings. They still look stylish, but are far more suitable for just popping to the shops, or some warmth when the A/C gets too cold.

However, if you’re looking to show a lot of skin (especially after a long year of perfecting your beach body), then there are many celebrities to give you style hints. The Kardashians, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid all favour thong-style bikinis, to show a maximum amount of skin, and to keep tan lines to a bare minimum. If you’re brave enough to follow them, then there are a wide range of designs and colour schemes to choose from. Bold designs like this are guaranteed to turn heads from Hamburg to Hawaii.

So, if you want a celebrity-inspired beach outfit, then you’re really spoiled for choice. However, rather than simply choosing a costume based on which celebrities have pulled it off, don’t forget to experiment with colours and styles yourself: check out new beachwear from sites like Blue Planet or other online shops to see what works for you, what’s affordable, and if it just so happens to be similar to something worn by Halle Berry, then you’ve just proven that great minds think alike!

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