Chanel your Inner Camelia

As its name suggests, the Chanel Jardin de Camelias Spring 2014 Makeup Collection will provide the wherewithal to produce a pale, flawless complexion and natural-looking lips. Similar to the Armani ‘nude effect’ makeup collection (available next month) the impression to aim for is ethereal. Coco Chanel’s favorite flower was the camelia: the name was also given to one of their jewelry lines. However, one can’t help thinking also of ‘La Dame Aux Camelias,’ the 19th century French story about a consumptive beauty on which the opera La Traviata is based. The desired effect is one of pale, almost translucent skin, with just the faintest touch of pink on the cheeks. This is a very youthful, delicate, feminine look.


To achieve it, Chanel has produced a light, reflective illumination powder and a blush called Sakura cherry, hinting at the Japanese geisha style. This influence is explicity stated in the Jardin Zen eyeshadow quad, which offers smoky black and violet shades for creating deep mystery around the eyes, plus gold and cherry pink for highlighting. Another useful product, if you wish to add a lightly glowing touch, is the Rose des Vents shade in the Illusion d’Ombre palette. To create the neatest outline around the eyes, Chanel Ligne Graphique in Noir Scintillant/Black Star will do the trick perfectly.

For the lips various shades of pink can be found in the Aqualumiere Gloss collection, to add luscious shine: Eau de Rose, Rosace (rosette) Pink Pivoine (peony) and Baie Rose. These lip glosses are both durable and moisturizing, but if you prefer a richer lipstick there are two vibrant colors in the Camelia collection: Fleurie, a peachy pink, and Charmeuse, a more tawny shade.

The launch date for the Chanel Jardin de Camelias Spring 2014 Makeup Collection is yet to be announced, but in the US it will be available exclusively online at

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