Charlie Sheen Buys Another Bachelor Pad

Charlie Sheen has plenty of money to blow, or so it seems. He’s just bought another property, so now he owns not one, but three homes! And if that’s not enough, he’s even spending money on his mate, Lindsay Lohan. Not that she appreciates it, she’d rather spend his money on partying.


Charlie Sheen’s recent spend, cost him over $4.8 million, but that’s nothing compared to his $7.2 million and $6.9 million home. His recent home may be cheaper, but it doesn’t cut back on luxuries. With a Spanish style it is 6,625 square foot. It features an elegant gourmet kitchen, theater and spa. The perfect bachelor pad, where Sheen can host some fabulous parties.

The property is in the beautiful Beverly Hills according to E! News. Lindsay bought Charlie a bouquet of flowers and wrote him a hand written letter to explain that she had not phoned him recently because she lost his number when her phone broke. Is this just a likely story?

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