Charlie Sheen Saving Lindsay Lohan Yet Again

Lindsay Lohan is in a bad way, yet again and Charlie Sheen wants to save her. Charlie Sheen believes that he can make a difference in her life if she will let him mentor her. Sheen thinks that he is her best shot. It’s not clear if Lindsay Lohan wants a mentor, but Charlie Sheen is sure that she needs one.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are already friends, so that’s a good start. The duo became friends on the set of Scary Movie 5, where Charlie gave Lindsay $100,000 to help with her tax debts. Lindsay Lohan is completely broke, things are really bad for her, financially.

charlie sheen lindsay

Charlie Sheen respects Lindsay Lohan although he claims that he doesn’t feel anything sexually for her. It is an admiration and respect that he feels. He has never laid a finger on her and claims that he never will.

Lindsay Lohan continues her trial, later this month and Charlie Sheen wants to be there for her. Charlie has had his own fair share of problems and believes that he has the experience to help her.

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