Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Sets Records

Charlie Sheen’s comeback to the small screen is a remarkable success. And even that could be understating it. His new sitcom, “Anger Management”, made its debut on the FX network on Thursday night. All the numbers were record breaking for a sitcom’s premier episode. The FX network released the jaw dropping figures on Friday. There were 5.47 million viewers in total for the first episode. These swelled to 5.74 million for the second episode.
Charlie Sheen has never shown much variety in his acting skills but he is made for the sitcom stage. In Anger Management, he plays Charlie Goodson, a former baseball player whose career ended when he hurt his knee by with a bat during a fit of rage. He then went through an anger management course and ultimately became a psychologist.

charlie sheen anger management
The storyline revolves around Charlie’s entangled mess of a life. He is struggling to be a model single dad to his daughter, Sam while facing up to his ex-wife Jennifer. It is an intelligent play on Sheen’s real-life character and looks to fully exploit his bad boy image. Although the show may never be a classic sitcom, the actors are worth the air time.

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