Charlize Theron Steamy Tangle with Michael Fassbender

The stunning Charlize Theron does several steamy bondage scenes with co-star Michael Fassbender in an upcoming issue of W magazine. The sultry South African actress who has proclaimed herself as “comfortable in the nude” had a no holds barred photo shoot that was choreographed by the legendary Mario Sorrenti.

Although Charlize is always upfront with her sexiness, she admitted that Fassbender was somewhat dominating. The scenes showed the two in several charged semi-nude poses. They don’t hold anything back with the outfits either. Although primarily leather, the economic outfits show maximum skin on the damsel held in Fassbender’s arms. The best of the selection has to be the one where Michael hangs from the room with his head into Charlize’s midriff. Next, she is down to the bare fishnet stocking and boots, with a bare-chested Michael passionately holding her from behind.

charlize theron michael

Theron also spoke about the several ways of exposing her body without being overtly slutty. She says she exploits angles just to tantalize the viewers. Fassbender on his part prefers death scenes to sex scenes. But from what they gave us in W magazine, the two would be awesome together.

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