Chris Brown Lost His Virginity at 8 Years Old – Take a Look!

Chris Brown Lost His Virginity at 8 Years Old – Take a Look! written by: Joyeeta Bose Chris Brown lost his virginity at 8 years old. Chris Brown has offered people the cause of being what he is today. His upbringing surely has a lot to contribute to his behavior that he displays today. He told UK Guardian that he lost his virginity when he was 8 years.

chris brown vs drakeHe said he lost it to a girl who was aged over 14 years. The singer also added that he grew in rural Virginia and added that it was a normal thing in that region. While speaking about the place he grew up, Chris added that it is a different country and he grew with many male cousins who used to watch lot of porn films, which changes him a lot. Therefore, he was already hot to trot. The singer refused to say the number of women he has been with but exclaimed that having his early start has made him good in it.Chris Brown also said that he was not afraid to talk with women and hence he was able to do it at 8 years.

He said that as he begun it early and it prepared him for the long run. That is why he feels he is the best and best in it. Chris Brown recently compared himself to Trayvon Martin and feels that may be the way he grew up or the early start would have made him the person he is now. In short, he seems to be proud of his actions of the past.

Though prince had said that most women will not have any complaints about it and everything was fine with him. Though Prince did not agree with Brown, Chris keeps talking about what he thinks about himself. In fact, he boasts that he is a walking art form from whom people can take a lot of inferences.

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