Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoo of Rihanna?

Three years after the violent abuse Rihanna suffered from ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, a mysterious tattoo has appeared on the right side of his neck appearing to be the beaten face of Rihanna. Representatives of the anger filled Chris Brown deny the face is Rihanna but give little insight into what Brown was trying to express with his new tattoo. The image also appears to be a Dia de los Muertos tattoo with the stiches over the lips and the blackened eye which is commonly used to show Mexican heritage but strangely enough, Brown isn’t Mexican in any way which leads everyone to believe that it is indeed a tattoo of a battered woman.

Chris Brown and Rihanna first started their relationship around 2007 when the pair first started getting cozy together. Chris Brown was 18 years old at the time and despite the denial of their relationship, photographs of the two painted a whole different picture. They were seen cuddling up together on many separate occasions and even enjoyed Christmas together with his family in December 2008. Once February rolled around, the Grammys were highly talked about especially when both Rihanna and Chris cancelled their performances at the award show after Rihanna was hospitalized from being beaten by Brown in a car.

He was arrested with charges of felony battery and released on a $50,000 bail, avoiding jail but sentenced to community labor for 180 days. A restraining order was placed on Chris Brown but two years later in February of 2011, Rihanna requested for it to be dropped so they could have contact with each other and since then the pair have been getting comfortable once again which is causing a great concern for all of her fans.

chris brown rihanna tattoo

During the 2012 VMAs which took place on September 6th, Rihanna and Chris Brown exchanged a kiss, furthering the drama between the two. Back in August, Rihanna interviewed with Oprah and the teary eyed star admitted that she truly loves him and that they’ve had a strong friendship since she chose to drop the restraining order. Like many other battered women, Rihanna is taking the wrong step and turning back to the man that doesn’t deserve anyone and could ultimately cause even more abuse if she chooses to rekindle their relationship.

The new tattoo that Chris Brown is strutting should be a sign to any woman that he has some serious issues that need to be worked out but unfortunately  it looks like Rihanna is still wrapped around his finger.

Photo credit : The Sun

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