Christina Aguilera in Parade Magazine 2011

Christina Aguilera 2011

Christina Aguilera appears in Parade Magazine so check her out!

On being ready to open up about the past year: “I think that’s the most important thing for me to do is to talk about my hiccups and the ups and downs in my career, especially in light of the past year. There have been things that have happened on stage that any performer can absolutely relate to and I’m so happy that I get to share these moments with them in such an intimate environment. I’m actually revealing a lot about myself during this show and a side of myself that I think a lot of people have never seen before, that only my closest friends see when the cameras go off. I just wanted to approach this show very openly. I’m human, too, and people make mistakes and go through things in life and I’m definitely taking that into the show.”

On her recent tweet to Britney Spears, congratulating her on her new album, Femme Fatale: “I haven’t heard the whole thing in its entirety. I’ve been really hard on work on this show, but I am a huge supporter of her in light that both of our careers started off together and are still going strong. I think it’s extremely important to be supportive of fellow artists and especially females who get pitted against each other and torn apart. As an old friend of mine from the Mickey Mouse club, I think it’s important at this stage in the game to really show my support.”

On if son Max is ready to see mom in action: “He doesn’t really like to see mommy in work mode quite yet. He’s so used to when he sees mommy, I’m in mommy mode, and mommy mode is all about Max. So as he grows up, he’ll understand that side of mommy as a good example of being positive and driven and focused.  But for now, he definitely wants mommy all to himself!”


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