Christina Ricci Engaged to a Dolly Grip

It’s all wedding bells and love for one 32 year old actress who got engaged a few months ago. Christina Ricci finally confirmed the rumors that she is going to get married to her one year boyfriend James Heeredegen. The two who met up at Christina’s Pan Am set, fell hopelessly for each other and have since been a couple. At the time, James was a dolly grip on the set.

christina ricci
Although Christina was previously in a relationship with actor Owen Benjamin until June 2009 when they split up, she seems quite happy and content with her new love. In fact, the romance with her beau James has been on the grape vine since February 2012 when the two were spotted at the W retreat spa Vieques Island in a romantic moment.

So now we are finally sure, the diamond ring that has been on her finger since October is indeed an engagement ring! Well, all we can do now is wish the best for this couple.

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