Cindy Crawford & Daughter for Vogue Paris

It’s dramatic when mother and daughter feature in the same cover. That is what Cindy Crawford for Vogue Paris is bringing to you this April. There is a striking resemblance right from their brown eyes, glorious hair and of course the unmatchable figure emphasizing genes do not lie. It is not the first time Cindy and daughter pose together but the Vogue edition is way above what anyone would envision. This one is meant to usher Kaia into the modelling industry and now she will find her feet.


The Duo-Package

It is dubbed as “genetic miracle” because resemblance is all over the two. But what strikes more is how the two blend in simplicity and give out unrivalled poses. They are in light makeup but leave audiences in awe. It is a powerhouse duo that will definitely take the fashion industry to a new higher level and do not be amazed if other mothers follow suit to pose with their daughters.

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