Clarins Graphic Expression Fall 2013 For Amazing Effects

The Clarins Fall 2013 offers customers a wonderful array of make-up for 2013. The collection is available as a limited edition so get your money ready as the items will sell quickly.

There are many seasonal shades that a person may consider when choosing Clarins fall 2013. There are many spectacular items to this makeup kit and there will be more added to it in the coming months. It will be officially launched in August.


The new line provides practical choices that help someone achieve the style of their liking. There will be blush powder since a fresh face should be a priority. Always choose the color that closely matches your natural skin color. The color options for the blush powder include; beige peach, dark beige and a pinkish shade.

There is a Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in 11 Forest. These colors are rich and strike a dramatic blend. Worn with bright colored clothing, these colors really pop. They make eyes come to life and add a bit of difference to a woman’s cosmetic collection. Colors include; Khaki, deep bronze, pale gold and shimmery charcoal.

There is also a nice selection of eyeliners that will bring emphasis to the eyes. Use eyeliners to bring drama and sophistication to your appearance. Shades in this collection include; intense blue, intense black, intense brown, platinum, smoky plum, taupe and bronze. The eyeliner collection will also be sold with a sharpener.


It is important to apply eyeliner precisely because otherwise it will not look natural. However, Clarins 3 Dot Liner Eye Liner helps a person apply eyeliner more accurately. It will fill each lash with fantastic accuracy for an amazing look each time.

Clarins Be Long Mascara helps to make the lashes longer. Not only does it enhance the lashes growth it also makes the appearance of them look longer. Clarins Graphic Expression Fall 2013 Makeup Collection will have a dramatic effect on any woman.

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