Classical Dancers Enjoying Their New Popularity

Professional dancers have now made a comeback in displaying their talents to the general public. A classic form of dance, such as ballet, has its following, but it has a special niche of those who attend performances.

Other forms, such as ballroom dancing, salsa, disco and Mambo seem to wax and wane in popularity through the years. For the true dancer, there will be a regular attendance while performing, but rarely the world wide popularity that other arts enjoy.


Singers who can perform dance routines usually aren’t professional dancers and normally obtain success as a singer first, rather than the other way around. With many, their dance routine seems more of an afterthought, so it is difficult to refer to them as pure professional dancers.

But a number of television shows have become so popular as to return the pure dancer to the spotlight. In many of these shows, a dancer, such as Kristina Rihanoff, will be paired with an actor or actress, retired professional athlete or other celebrity. They compete against other dancer/celebrity pairs, utilizing a variety of styles. Fortunately, the shows normally provide the professional the ability to solo, or perform with another professional, and truly showcase their talents.

Since these shows are broadcast all over the world, many have now become a household name. And many have used their new found celebrity to entertain and impress millions more through stage shows, movies and television specials. In the art of dance, a resurrected popularity has taken place, and the world is enjoying it.

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