Curtain Call for 60 Minutes Legend

mike wallace dead at 93

CBS News announced the death of legendary “60 Minutes” host, Mike Wallace on Sunday. Mike Wallace dead at 93, passed on while surrounded by his family members in New Canaan, Connecticut. He has been ill for several years and had been admitted for long term care at the Waveny Care Center.
The distinctively brass newsman was noted for not giving his subjects an easy time. In his career spanning four decades, he memorably took his eminent guests to task over corruption and social issues. He interrogated Vladimir Putin until his aides attempted to stop the interview; brought musician Barbara Streisand to tears, and famously asked Iranian hard man, Ayatollah Khomeini if he was crazy.
Mike Wallace dead at 93, never slowed down in his entire career. From the 1950’s when hosted the self-proclaimed father of futuristic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright on “The Mike Wallace Interview”; to when he garnered his 21st Emmy Award in 2006 after interviewing Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he leaves behind an unmatched journalism legacy.

Photo credit : Wenn

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