Custom Wedding Rings… A unique symbol of a one of a kind love between two unique people

What do Wedding Rings Really Mean?     

  • Unique Wedding bands provide an ongoing reminder of a promise made one partner to the other. Each enters into this agreement freely, and through the exchange of rings, makes the promise in kind.
  • The circular shape of the rings represents eternity and the pledge of one to the other to spend eternity together.
  • The ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand. It has been long held that the vein in this finger runs directly to the heart. Thus, symbolically, the giver of the ring is the one closest to the wearer’s heart.


To Unique People

To the unique people who wear the rings, the real meaning is deeply personal.  The wedding bands and unique engagement rings embody and symbolize the hopes, dreams, love and commitment each partner makes to the other.  Aside from the more public and commonly understood meanings, two unique people impart their very own heartfelt meaning into their very special rings.

Two Unique People

For many, the solution to capturing this individuality lies in aligning the ring design with the public expression of the promise. Custom wedding rings are a symbol of a one of a kind love between two unique people.  This design will provide a lasting symbol of what each partner meant to the other in the beginning, what each means to the other today, and the promise of tomorrow together.

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