Dan Wootton Accused of Harassment And Blackmailing From His Ex In A Now Viral Tweet.

Dan Wootton, a New Zealand-born British Broadcaster has been known to create trouble for himself for a while now. Wootton was previously criticised for an article he made on the late Caroline Flack, claiming she had been arrested for assault on her boyfriend, Lewis Burton. Caroline Flack, unfortunately, took her life on February 15, 2020, and Wootton was accused of having contributed to her death by publishing the article.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton and Caroline Flack

But the story does not end here, Dan Wootton has once again come under fire due to the now-viral chain of tweets made by his alleged ex, Alex on Twitter.

Dan Wootton
The Initial Tweet of Alex Replying To Another User About How News UK Is Covering For Wootton.

Dan Wootton Accused Of Stalking

Alex revealed on Twitter that he was in a relationship with Dan Wootton between late 2009 and early 2013. He describes the period as the worse one in his life and shares how he was stalked by Wootton to the point that he knew all the passwords for Alex’s email and social media accounts.

He says he found out about this after his Gmail account was being regularly accessed from the News of The World Office, where Wootton worked at the time. Alex calls himself an idiot for letting himself be emotionally bullied into not leaving him.

Dan Wootton

Alex continues and reveals how later when he was once cat-sitting for Wootton while he visited his family in New Zealand, he stumbled across an external hard drive stuffed down at the back of his washing machine. What Alex unveils later is horrifying.

Contents Of The Hard Drive

Alex claims that on the hard drive, he found an intimate tape of a Sun employee and his boyfriend. He says that one could tell by watching the video that it was filmed from a hidden camera, set afar.
In the same folder, a transcript of an MSN conversation was found between the employee’s partner and someone called ‘Martin Branning‘, where an agreement was made to create the said video in secret without the employee’s knowledge, in exchange for £500. Alex reveals he knew instantly that ‘Martin Branning’ was an alias for Dan.

Dan Wootton

The Revelation

Alex unveils that after finally managing to get out of the relationship, he encountered an interaction with a stranger that chilled him to the bone. While talking to somebody he knew from before in a bar, the other party asked “what’s the deal with this Martin Branning Guy?” without any discussion beforehand ever.

This led Alex to discover that Dan Wootton has been posing as Martin and texting people with the intent of encouraging them to hook up and record videos with several people, and Dan himself, for money.

Dan Wootton

Pressurised To Delete Tweets

As we discussed in the starting, Dan Wootton has often been portrayed as one of the major contributors to Caroline Flack’s death in 2020. Alex says that he has met Flack through Wootton and found her to be an incredibly nice human being, and reveals he was sickened by the fake tears Dan Wootton cried.

Under the Influence of a few drinks, Alex says that he tweeted about what he found behind the washing machine and the whole Martin Branning sham. He was soon contacted by a mutual friend on behalf of Wootton who then pressurised Alex into deleting the tweets, which he did. But he shares that he hoped someone would recognise the “Martin Branning” name and would contact him, which is what happened.

Dan Wootton

More Victims Come Forward

Alex was contacted by somebody who recognised the Martin name, with the promise to keep his identity a secret, the sender revealed that he had been too, contacted by this Max Branning asking him to do “private work” or “Just pose nude”, etc. The sender claims this has caused a great deal of stress and almost felt like it was blackmail or entrapment.

Dan Wootton

What Is Next

Wootton’s alleged ex in some last of his tweets said that since he received the above-shown message, he has contacted other victims and journalists too, but in the terror of Dan, getting this story out has been a struggle. He also claims he will not be deleting the tweets this time.

Dan Wootton

Alex reveals how he has tried to go to the police in an attempt to build the case, but it was a futile attempt since it has gone nowhere.

Amongst all this, it is important to understand all of the above said is just accusations and the investigation for the same against Dan Wootton is yet to be done.

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