Dark Knight Shooter Faces Execution

Last July, James Holmes entered a Colorado movie theater and went on a shooting spree. He left many dead and others seriously injured. His team of legal professionals entered a ‘guilty’ plea, hoping to save him from execution. However, lawyers consulted the bereaved families and they refused the deal, saying it was not justice.

James Holmes shooter

Holmes was arrested outside Aurora’s Century theater armed in body protection and a gas mask so he could protect himself during the shooting, last year. Later on, his apartment was found booby trapped with bombs.

The court made a decision that the only justice is death. As the verdict was read out, James Holmes did not respond audibly to the verdict, he was just sitting motionless, with his back to the victims’ families and reporters. Legal analysts have predicted this decision for quite some time. Within moments of the decision being made official, the trial date was delayed till next February.

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