David Beckham H&M Bodywear Collection

Quick question ladies, ever wished you could get a closer look at Beckham’s sculpted body without getting the stare from Victoria? Well, you have H&M’s latest bodywear advert to thank. The David Beckham H&M collection features an array of bodywear designed for comfort and style. But lets not kid around, you are more interested about the advert, right?

david beckam hm collection

Well, briefly put, the advert stars yousr truly David Beckham in what seems like any other morning in their Los Angeles home. As David waves off his three kids to school, his bathrobe gets stuck in between the car door. And standing there is one sexy Beckham in nothing but his H&M boxers, talk about knowing how to sell your cloth line.

To demonstrate the versatile nature of his H&M bodywear, Beckham runs after the car to get his bathrobe back and does quite a number of things on the way. All in all, whether you are in it to get a peek of David’s pert features or just want to check the collection out, you are definitely going to have to repeat the ad a couple of times.

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