From Pages to Screens: DC Unveils Ambitious Plans with ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Film Adaptations!

San Diego Comic-Con never fails to amaze the audience with what it unveils, many studios use it as an opportunity to reveal their upcoming projects in the long term, so they can hype the fans up early, these include studios, even like Marvel and DC.

DC, for the past few years, have seen success in reeling the audience in and now stands at par with Marvel, something which it occasionally had failed to do in the past. While it just might not be there yet, the studio still has a lot of potential left in it. To keep the tradition going this year too, DC has unveiled Watchmen and Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earth animated movies as their next projects.

Watchmen And Crisis on Infinite Earths Comic Release

DC Watchmen Animated Movie

The Watchmen comics are originally based on an alternate timeline where different events occurred in the 1980s. Being a vigilante and superhero was outlawed in this version of the timeline and the superheroes who remained either retired or worked for the government.

The plot revolves around a former group of heroes known as The Watchmen, who are forced to come out of retirement when one of the former members of their group, The Comedian, is murdered. The investigation for the same leads to some shocking revelations which can lead to disasters for the whole world.

It will be interesting to see how DC manages to bring this comic to life by animating it and how iconic characters like Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias.

Reveal Of The Watchmen Animated Movie At SDCC

Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths Animated

Based on comics that came out from 1985 to 1986, this is a landmark event in the history of DC Comics as it was a major crossover between heroes of multiple Earths, or to put simply the multiverse.

This series of comics was devised by the creators as a way to simplify the understanding of multiple universes, as it was getting too messy at the time for readers to understand all the alternate timelines.

The comics introduce us to a character called the Anti-Monitor who seeks to destroy all realities in the multiverse, leading to multiple Earths colliding with each other and causing annihilation. Heroes and Villains from different Earths gather to defeat this threat altogether, this event causes a significant change in how DC Comics moved forward from that point on.

Again, it will be interesting to see how DC implements this comic into adaptation in the now teased, Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths.

A Look At Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths In SDCC

It will be very intriguing to watch how the studio manages to implement the adaptation of the comics as fans hype up to watch the adaptation of their favourite comics. This might as well be the opening DC was looking for that can help them overtake Marvel as a fan-favourite production studio.

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