Deadly Wish of David Duchovny in Californication

David Duchovny Californication

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In the television industry, there is a hot gossip about David Duchovny who is playing character of Hank Moody in the popular TV series Californication. David Duchovny doesn’t have any issue if his character dies in the series. David Duchovny is playing character of Hank Moody, who is a writer and womaniser. In short, his character can be defined in word self-destructive. David Duchovny was caught on camera making confession that he always wanted to see Hank Moody die. He also added that, he liked the concept of character dying in a television series. From his words, it appears to us that he is annoyed after playing role of Hank Moody for such a long time and he desperately needs a break.

Statements made by David Duchovny about the death of the character, signals that he wouldn’t mind if Hank Moody finished off the job right away. If he kills his own character, then I doubt that he will again get such a dynamic roll in future.


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