Demi Lovato Says She Is Unbroken


In an in-depth interview, Demi Lovato reveals why cocaine addiction almost took down her fledgling career. The actress and singer said that depression, loneliness and peer pressure led her to drug abuse in 2010. She had a 3-month stint in rehab from November 2010, for what was then described as “emotional and physical” problems.

The 19-year old, born in Texas, has claimed that by seeking help, she has gained respect from colleagues. Her previous troubles were well-documented and she had gained a reputation as a party-girl. Demi was dropped from a tour with Jonas Brother’s in 2010 after having a fight with a dancer on a flight to Peru and immediately sought professional help. It is also alleged that she had an addiction to “cutting”, a self-harming condition.

The singer claims that her career is getting back on track. She became well known as an actor on Disney productions “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with a Chance” before venturing into music. Demi Lovato released her third studio album “Unbroken” in September 2011. Perhaps that’s how she feels.

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