Demi Moore looks cheated

Demi Moore has been cheated by no one else that Askton Kutcher with serveral women.The way she was looking on Bel Air, CA, Friday night leaves you with a lot of thoughts that you can interpret her in so many ways..

“Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship and have threesomes often,” she said.

“I didn’t feel at all like he had just cheated on his wife. It felt normal and OK.

“He said they share women, but he isn’t supposed to go off and sleep with women on his own.

“He explained that he and Demi had a deal where they had to share lovers. He felt bad that he had been with me and didn’t share.”

It’s hard for a man like Ashton Kutcher to not cheat because in the end Demi is more elder that him and this is the only main thing,is like stealing a toy from a baby.

Photo credit : Crestock

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