Demon Slayer Season 3 Almost Got Obliterated by Cancel Culture for S*xualizing a Teenager

It is not a rare sight nowadays to see mainstream anime getting itself in trouble now and then. One such incident happened with Demon Slayer last year when the cancel culture nearly annihilated it due to the s*xualization of a minor in season 2. This outrage could have developed into a bigger problem for the studio, which in the end may have ended up cancelling the show altogether.

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Demon Slayer Got Cancelled On Twitter

Reason Behind Outrage By Fans

The scene which sparked all of this debate was from episode 6 in season 2 of Demon Slayer, where Nezuko transformed into her berserk state in order to protect her brother. This state led to an increase in the size of Nezuko’s body, thus increasing her height and body mass, but the clothes remained the same, which led to more skin being exposed than usual.

This scene has left fans debating whether it was moral or not since it portrays s*xualisation of a minor, as Nezuko is only 14 years old in the series.

Fans were divided on the outrage, while some believed the scene was unacceptable, others thought it was not much of a big deal.

A user on Twitter pointed out how what happened was fan service and how this is not only applicable to Demon Slayer, further saying they don’t understand why it is done at all.

While there were many who did not support this, there were a few who defended the anime, saying how Nezuko wears a kimono made for a 12-year-old and that an increase in her size will have the logical consequence of her skin being exposed more.

The outrage could have easily led to season 3 of Demon Slayer being cancelled, but fortunately, the debate died down quickly enough to not let it make any major impact on the series schedule.

Controversies Demon Slayer Has Been In

Every now and then, Demon Slayer occasionally finds itself in trouble. One such example could be when the Hanafuda earrings that Tanjiro, the main protagonist of the anime wore were deemed to be offensive to fans in South Korea and China as it symbolized imperial Japan, which eventually led to a boycott.
The design of the earrings was then changed to accommodate the viewers of those regions.

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Hanafuda Earrings That Tanjiro Wears

Another sample of when Demon Slayer got itself into trouble is when the Tengen Uzui was shown with his three wives, Mário, Suma and Hinatsuru.
Fans argued that it was not right to show a character in a positive light who involves in a polygamous relationship and that it sends a wrong message to its viewers, including young fans.

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Tengen Uzui and his Wives

While the anime keeps getting under the radar for criticism, it has not had any impact on its popularity and in fact, had a very successful run of season 3 in the anime series recently.

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