Dennis Rodman Unable To Pay Child Support

dennis rodman

 Rodman’s lawyer that claims he cannot support any additional fees. The star has become the victim of his own doing as in 2010 he agreed to pay $50.000 a month for child support.
    Dennis Rodman might spend 20 days in jail for failing to pay his parental debt to his former wife. The former basketball star has been in a continuous financial decline triggered by his drinking problem. According to the documents his lawyer filed to the court, the star is broke and unable to pay the $808.935 he owes as child support to his former wife. If he will fail to pay his dues, the athlete might face jail time.
    As of march 1st, the 51 year old Hall of Fame player owed more than $800.000 in child support and $51,441 for spousal support.
In his defense, Rodman claims that the monthly child support settlement is not fair as it does not take into account his current income.

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