Depp and Paradis not through


It’s all a rumor that is what we are hearing from Vanessa Paradis about the recent stories that have been all over about her and Johnny Depp’s break up. Slamming the reports that have said that after about 14 years together the couple had decided to go their separate ways. The rumors are all false according to her.

She doesn’t mind most rumors she says because people will just do that. But this latest rumor is one that hits a bit too close to home and could possibly cause harm to not only her children but her family as well.

Not everyone feels that they have to get married when they are happy. Look at couples like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the past.

This is yet another couple who feel that simply having a piece of paper will not do anything different. They are together and will remain together, so don’t believe the reports.

Makes you wonder just how many of the stories that you find in magazines are true or perhaps just a false report.

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