Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: Celebrity Style

Jewelry and celebrities have gone hand in hand since the old Hollywood era. Trendsetting celebrities gravitate towards expensive artistic jewelry. Red carpet events call for new innovative beautiful design, and this isn’t limited just to dresses. This is where jewelry can really shine, and showcase designers that are popular with Hollywood’s rich and famous. Here are a handful of wildly popular jewelers that cater to the stars and make a profit for celebrities and those who wish to emulate them.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend- Celebrity Style

Neil Lane

Neil Lane is known for engagement rings, and is showcased on practically every season of the bachelor and bachelorette. Celebrities also appreciate the style of Neil Lane, and not just for wedding rings. Pop star Rihanna and actress Zooey Deschanel are some fresh faces that love the look of Neil Lane. As more celebrities and reality TV stars pop the question and say ‘I do’ to Neil Lane, this celebrity ring maker will stay hot on the market.

Martin Katz

Celebrities are sweeping up Martin Katz jewelry to sweep down red carpets and runways in style. Stars like Kate Walsh and Julianne Hough have worn Martin Katz to glamorous events. Katz sells to those who appreciate the look, but can also work to match jewelry with an individual’s style. Individualized pieces for celebrities is no problem for Martin Katz and keeps the rich and famous coming back for more.

The House of Fabergé

The House of Fabergé started with the classic fabergé egg, and has gained notoriety in the jewelry industry. Angelina Jolie is a fan of the jeweler and has worn to celebrity appearances. Known for gorgeous diamond and jewel encrusted pieces; the House of Fabergé fits the look of celebrity. Catering to a posh, fancy look, celebrities shop the House of Fabergé for unique looks.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston, famous for once owning the Hope Diamond and then donating to the Smithsonian, is behind the jewelry company that has always been connected with celebrity. Most famously, Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes with a Harry Winston diamond. With that type of star power, Harry Winston is in the celebrity circle for good.


Montblanc is a jeweler that speaks to old world Hollywood. Their unique timeless pieces are loved by celebrities, and others alike.  Montblanc started with a classic pen and branched into jewelry. Montblanc takes interest in social causes and donates proceeds to UNICEF and education. A notable celebrity linked to Montblanc is Hilary Swank. Through social awareness, celebrities flock to Montblanc’s stylish pieces for their collections.


Another jewelry house that is synonymous with celebrities, Bulgari has always catered to the stars. Another favorite by Angelina Jolie, Bulgari always makes an appearance on the red carpet. Mostly, these pieces are so over the top and amazing they are not for sale and are more seen as works of art. The Italian jeweler has plenty of options for purchase for celebrities or those who want to feel like celebrities.

Celebrities want the best, and these are a few jewelry houses that are frequented by celebrities and Hollywood’s finest. For those who want a peek at what is new and fresh on the jewelry market, take a peek during the next awards show. Noting the pieces celebs are wearing will be your guide for celebrity shopping trends.

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