Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Lindsay Lohan looks like she might be in trouble with the law, again. You might be happy to know that it doesn’t have to do with drugs and alcohol this time however but she’s still in some serious trouble because of accusations against her for a jewelry heist. The total value of jewelry that disappeared at the house party of Sam Magid is totaling in at around $100,000 which includes sunglasses and watches.

The night of the party on August, 17th, Lohan along with her assistant and several other guests stayed the night at the house. It wasn’t until August 19th that Magid reported the theft.
While Lindsay is placing the blame on two of her friends, they’ve come clean and confessed to Magid that Lohan had the bags of jewelry wrapped up under her shirt then handed the valuables over to them. They returned the jewelry as soon as they realized that it was stolen goods from the millionaire’s mansion.

Lohan is continuing to deny any involvement in the crime but unfortunately for her, she has become the main suspect in the burglary. It’s hard to believe the rebellious, young actress especially after she was already caught a year ago stealing a $2,500 necklace at a jewelry store in Los Angeles by distracting the owner. He thought she had mistakenly walked out with it on but when she failed to return it, he reported the incident to the authorities.

lindsay lohan diamonds
The Lindsay Lohan jewelry heist isn’t much of a shocker seeing that she’s in some form of trouble every year and always seems to get away with it.

This is simply another event that’s taken place in her downward spiral and its beginning to look like there isn’t any hope for the 26 year old actress. Maybe spending real time behind bars will do the trick.

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