Did Ochocinco Cheat?

Ochocinco cheat

Well it seems that all the news today can be about is bad things. We’ve already reported about a few divorces that have come up and filings for divorce. Those reports included such couples as Zooey Deschanel and her hubby, as well as the lead singer of Matchbox 20 and Moon Zappa Unit.

This time around this couple hasn’t even made it to the marriage ceremony before the cheating may have happened. Chad Ochocinco has been questioned by his fiance Evelyn Lozada, you know the Basketball Wives star. She seems to feel that for some reason he may not have been as faithful as he is trying to say he has been.

Though there may still be some hope there because as of yet the wedding is only on hold. It has not been canceled, maybe Chad will be able to talk his way out of a situation that may have been simply misunderstood.

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