Did Red Bull Cause Demi Moore’s Recent Hospitalization?

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Is American actress demi moore redbull addict? The Sun, a popular British newspaper, have reported that Demi Moore, the 49-year-old Ghost star, may have been drinking Red Bull in place of food and alcohol for the last ten years.

Moore was recently admitted to a California hospital amid reports of anorexia, but two weeks before the incident, she was spotted drinking large quantities of Red Bull on a night out with her daughter, 23-year-old Rumer, at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Sources close to Red Bull North America have also claimed that Moore has been ordering cases and cases of the high caffeine energy drink since 2002.

While a few scientific research studies have shown that excessive consumption Red Bull may increase the risk of stroke and have a detrimental impact on the cardiovascular system, many people believe that Demi Moore’s hospitalization was more likely to have been a consequence of her alleged fondness for nitrous oxide and over-the-counter painkillers.

written by: tonic22

Photo credit : Crestock

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