Diesel Spring 2015: Bright Ideas

The Diesel Spring 2015 campaign jumps off the page and demands your attention. The bright backgrounds and even brighter models shouts enthusiasm and fun. This Diesel campaign doesn’t disappoint and creative Director Nicola Formichetti brings the social media savvy consumers photos they can relate to. With the models jumping and leaning in towards each other as if they were having a party and posing for photos with their best friends.


Among the models used in the campaign is one of America’s Next Top Model. Winnie Harlo. Harlo was feature on America’s Next Top Model and is well known due to her skin disease (the same one which Michael Jackson had) called Vitiligo. She had been teased for her disease from a young age but there is no sadness to be seen in her face, only jovial expressions and happiness emanates from her. For someone that once suffered with suicidal thoughts due to relentless bullying, Harlow rises above and beams across the pages of each of these Diesel Spring 2015 photos.
The bright pink and blue backgrounds give the vibe to the consumer that these clothes are to be worn to enjoy yourself in. The Diesel Spring 2015 Campaign lets its prospective customers know that when you wear these clothes you’re going to be ecstatic and you better be ready to have a good time.

Diesel and Formichetti did a perfect job of making a group of beautiful models look as if they could be anyones friends ready for a night out together. Each of the shots from the campaign have the models with their arms around each other or leaning in, in a non-professional and certainly non-intimidating way. In an industry where serious and sullen faces tend to be the norm for ad campaigns Formichetti brilliantly goes against the status quo.


The bright backgrounds surely correspond with the campaign’s message which is positivity. Along with the campaigns bold and beautiful images is the promotion of the hashtag #DieselHigh. Formichetti has spoken in interviews where she has said that she believes there are far too little campaigns where models are smiling and enjoying themselves so she wanted to convey that along with the message of pure positivity and viewing imperfection as beautiful.

Formichetti and Diesel stick true to their raw idea of inclusiveness and positivity by creating a campaign that is retouch free. It is refreshing in an age of airbrushing to have models seen just as they are with no technological help to make their aesthetics more consumer friendly. The photographer for this shoot, Nick Knight, noted how enjoyable this experience was because it’s so rare to capture models smiling. This shoot he said was different to most in the industry.

Capturing the idea that flaws and imperfection are beauty and that rawness is sexy sums up the images in the Diesel Spring 2015 Campaign. Formichetti and Knight do a perfect job of making Diesel Spring 2015 Campaign relatable to the public. When consumers can look at fashion campaign photos and see themselves or their friends in the images and sense a relatable vibe from them then it is truly a unique and positive approach to fashion. Formichetti says that imperfection is beauty and in this case imperfection is perfection.

Photos credit : Diesel

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