Discover 1920s Hollywood Fashion at Roberto Cavalli Spring 2014 RTW Collection

Roberto Cavali Spring 2014

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At his recent spring 2014 collection, Roberto Cavalli made use of the 1920s Hollywood style at the Milan Fashion Week. The Great Gatsby with the mixture of lace, subtle patterns of beads, fringes and metallic hues of the slinky gowns that models wore showcased his muse. He portrayed the big screen magic with layered gowns and short dresses with intricate embellishments this week in Milan. The snakeskin and reptilian prints also were filled with metallic decorations by the Italian designer which made it shimmer in glamour. The show also featured stunning black dresses with sparkles and hand beaded designs.

This show also featured a typical characteristic of Roberto Cavalli’s piling up of the fabrics. Each piece of Roberto Cavalli Spring 2014 RTW Collection featured heavy layers of fabrics that were designed with different accent textiles. Even though the models were decked in layers of clothes, each dress moved in an elegant way while they walked that made the models to look like they were floating on the runway. The models walked one behind another without a misstep that showed the beauty of the layered dresses. Another stunning feature of the spring collection is the tiny beading that was sewn with great detailing on the delicate lace material. The dresses also featured a lattice threaded crisscross stitch across the dress that showed a pattern in beautiful curves. These embellishments were further decorated with metal chains that were threaded together with long feathers that complimented fur stoles.

The clutches that the models flaunted were replicas of the 1920s era that featured tassel in cylindrical shape, beaded look and the dresses with basic cut were also a fine example. One could not take their eyes off the shimmering leopard and snake prints that were accentuated with lace, chains, tassels, ruffles, fur and others. The spring show also made use of the vintage details that made this entire collection a timeless one.


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